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Botanic Gallery

Botanic [2011 - 2012] was started as a provisional space for displaying art and other creative research. Botanic [name taken from the previous owner, a "Botanica"], began as a place to show an installation project of my own called Objects of Great Value. When it became apparent that Iíd be able to hold on to the space, location quickly morphed into a gallery and venue for other creative experimentation. For its first formal show, Botanic held an exhibition of [hyper] local artists called @Dekalb, which highlighted work from artists calling the Dekalb subway stop home. This was followed by a conceptual drawing show, and a winter/spring season of curated two person exhibitions.

Between shows, and during their run alike, Botanic became a community hub for local artists. Conveniently adjacent to a Wine Shop, the space often stayed open late on weekends. Artists & residents from the neighborhood would stop in to meet, discuss, and engage in creative experimentation through a diverse series of performative, photo, and studio based experiments.

Botanicís emergence came at a pivotal time in the development of the DIY Bushwick Art Scene, which brought press mention by way of several articles about the nascent art, scene including in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, Bushwick Daily, and was consistently either listed, and occasionally featured on Art Cat [the opinionated guide to New York Art]. Botanic continued on to hold critiques, discussions, and a series of exhibitions through their final weekend before closing their doors in early April, 2012.

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