at Soundlab in Buffalo NY, an oddly placed practice room has been constructed, At the entrance a delicate string tied in a bow blocks entry, forcing viewers to look in from a distance. Deep sand covers the floor. Inside a conch shell practices on a studio chair in front of a music stand. Upon closer inspection it is evident that the music measures are actually pages and pages of hand drawn ocean waves using the spacing of sheet music. The sheet music is constructed out of a fine, translucent rice-paper, each is identical, and It appears as though the pages continue infinitely. We're playfully reminded of the link between sound-wave and water. Upon deeper contemplation its neurotic and obsessive quality is revealed. Ironically the shell doesn't really sing of the ocean, and we are left with not, but an imagined performance. The stage is set for fantastical impossibility, a compulsion revealed alludes to a tenuous psychological state. This creates a framework for an viewer experience of empathetic understanding.