This work was shown at CEPA gallery in an interactive emerging media exhibition called 'Sensitized Spaces 2.0'. From the box above a silk ball filled with gelatin, and covered with fur hangs down. When pulled, a speaker was triggered playing a live broadcast of game 5 of the 2004 Flyers vs. Leafs playoff series. In the background is a fan poster of Rob Ray, a legendary Buffalo Sabres 'enforcer', bleeding after a brawl. Hung in a "Self Lubricating Frame" (Matthew Barney), This work critiques the 'cult of masculinity'. The cult of masculinity is probably best described as the desire to vicariously experience or participate in something visceral and masculine. As evidenced by our vehicles, entertainment, and our arts, regardless of our 'progress' we as a society are not able to leave the cult. Using the allusion of the descending testicle (when triggering the speaker), gallery visitors were able to hear live updates from a stadium'esk scoreboard hung overhead. This allowed for the satisfying one's cultural yearning combined with a bit of indulgence in the cult of masculinity