York st, Buffalo NY

Dunkirk pier, Dunkirk NY

Directly above is the submerged kite installation from Delaware Park, Buffalo NY, (2 ' wide 5' long). Placed about ten feet from the edge of the lake, a kite was anchored to the bottom with stones. Near the lake one imagines children flying kites on a breezy summer day. Kites are meant to soar in parallel with the sky, floating on the wind. A betrayal occurs when the kite, an extension of the hand, is incongruously transported into the lake. The lake is transformed into a thick and murky sky. What once flew in the air no longer casts a reflection in the water below, it is now trapped inside the lake, only the reflection remains. The kite floating just under the surface is analogous to a symbolic self and its unconscious. The raindrops on the surface, a continual reminder of the delineation between above and below, consciousness and the unconscious. The kite now under the water is trapped, as it flies only in the murky unconscious. What was once a magical extension of the spirit is now is now trapped beneath the surface, ever present but inaccessible.

Lakewood NY