January/February 3' x 4' x 3 1/2' tall; wood, fabric, bricks

Early March

Late March

Point of Reference is a miniature canopy bed installed on the frozen Lake La Salle (Amherst NY). Placed in January 2003, with nothing to use for scale comparison, its size is indeterminate. Despite a lack of contextual clues, the certainty remains that something very small and delicate will soon fall into a cold and dark abyss. The bed is a place of solace and dreams. An icon for idealism and aspiration struggles to stay above the surface before sinking into the deep unconscious. As warmer weather approaches a sense of poignant but inevitable loss begins to settle in. Eventually the ice begins to melt, little by little beginning first near the shore then gradually moving closer to the center. Soon open water surrounds the bed. The realization of the work finally occurs as the bed is pulled to the bottom of the lake in an instant.