Pearl Necklace, 2011
spit wads, wire, clasp, velvet necklace bust

Marble Iphone, cigarette, and Lighter

oil on canvas, 10" x 18"
2010 - 2011

oil on canvas, 11" x 17"
2010 - 2011

oil on linen, 14" x 18"
2010 - 2011

image above:

"The young woman and the tiny folds. In everything from Louis Vuitton, there are elements that cannot be fully explained. What secret little gestures do our craftsmen discretely pass on? How do we blend innate skill and inherent prowess?"

These three paintings are copies from LV advertisements published in various high end publications in Europe and the US. Each painting is a copy of the advertisement, where a model was hired to pretend to be making a LV luxury item, and photographed in the style of a classic artist [Vermeer, Georges de La Tour , Rembrandt, etc.], so as to convey that the craftsmanship of these artworks is also present in LV Luxury items. While each photograph is finely crafted in itself, a lawsuit was filed in a London court arguing that LV items are not in fact handmade objects at all, and that the photographs were deceptive. In response, the images were pulled from publications, and the advertising campaign stopped immediately. I've cannibalized these delicate images to create actual objects, while removing the models heads, but leaving in the craftsman at work. Each painting is slightly smaller than life size, oil on linen, with handmade gilt frames.

Paintings: 2010 - 2011

glass cutter in shadow box frame, 9 x 7 x 3"deep 2009

Life size bust of Sarah Palin & hand made US Flag, Sculpey, glasses, & fabric, 2008

happy mothers day, decorated video frame, performance video depicting the artist cutting a picnic table in half 2006

proposal for a conservatory, 2005

connected by the internet, 2004

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